Pattaya PADI Divemaster Course

Pattaya PADI Divemaster Course

Become a Dive Professional

Real Divers have been training PADI Divemasters for 15 years plus, we take great pride in when our Divemasters complete the course that they leave with a smile on their face knowing they had great fun on the course learning the knowledge and skills not only to be a decent Divemaster but to go on to become a decent Instructor.

Pattaya has some great scuba diving both wreck and coral with over 30 different dive sites. While on the course you will get to dive our best wrecks, HTMS Khram, HTMS Kood, HTMS Mataphon and the famous Hardeep.

You will train on coral reefs such as Koh Rin with its North and South Pinnacles as well as the coral reef fingers and wall sites on the island Koh man Wichai plus many more dive sites.

Pattaya was a quiet fishing village as recently as the 1960s, it’s now lined with brand namedhotel resorts, high-rise condos, large seaside shopping malls, night clubs, a red light district, zoos, beaches, great restaurants, every type of adrenaline sport from bungee jumping to go-carts, jet ski’s, banana boating, parasailing, sky diving plus”scuba diving” these are just a few reasons why Pattaya is so popular and has Worldwide Tourism.

Pattaya is on Thailand’s eastern Gulf coast which is known for its wild nightlife scene and great daytime activities that attract international holidaymakers, weekenders from Bangkok and expats. These are our customers! some will become good friends and others will be others but all together Pattaya is a fun, interesting place to become a Divemaster.

What does it take to be a PADI Divemaster?

This is what a decent Divemaster should be. He/She should have role model behavior, know how to plan and lead dives with certified divers from beginner level to experienced levels.

Divemasters should also be able to assist a PADI Dive Instructor on PADI courses such as Discover scuba diving, Open water courses, Advanced and Rescue courses and also help new Divemaster trainee’s once you have gotten some training and experience yourself.Our training has been deemed as great educational fun by all those who have completed the Divemaster course with us.

The training has also kept them in great stead for many years after lots of them are now PADI Instructors and dive shop managers or owners. By those that know our methods of teaching dive Professionals they will tell you first of all we teach without the worry of giving you too much information! have you ever heard the saying don’t teach them all you know, well we don’t fall into that category, we also don’t teach stuff that is irrelevant to your training.On our Divemaster courses you train with the bosses and staff members in the pool and ocean before you train with actual students or divers, it’s a lot less stressful for you and us this way.

What is interesting about our Divemaster course?

This is where the course gets interesting; you will be training on the Pattaya islands, Samae san islands, Jomtien beach, you will be diving in Swimming Pools, diving off 12 metre Speed boats, large chartered boats and our traditional Thai boat in Samae san, real island diving like the way diving was done here in its early days, which was always fun.

You will get the chance to try different types of diving such as Wreck diving, Drift diving, Night diving etc and use equipment you probably haven’t used before, like full face masks, sidemounts and Dive propulsion vehicles.

We feel this Divemaster course should be a fun learning experience with a lot of laughter and jokes but placing the emphasis on safety with great dives and training.

For us Instructors; if your “Divemasters know what they are doing and are having fun, then everyone is happy”






Why not start today sign up for the Divemaster course with PADI eLearning and we will take that price off our course price.

PADI elearning on the Divemaster course is 280 Aussie dollar which is 6,100B Thai Baht depending on the Aussie dollar. 

Training Details

PADI Divemaster Course Training  Requirements: You must have 40 dives to enroll on the course and logged at least 60 dives by the completion of this course. These dives must include experience in night diving, deep diving and underwater navigation. At Real Divers, we have Dive propulsion vehicles, full face masks, videography/photography, shipwreck/coral diving, side-mount diving are just some of the fun dives on our internship package.

PADI Divemaster Course Knowledge Development: pattaya padi divemaster course

PADI eLearning is the easiest method for learning the Divemaster knowledge, diagrams, videos, quick quizzes will make the final exam seem easy.

The great thing about PADI eLearning is you can complete the knowledge in your own time and at your own pace. Then when you get to Pattaya it’s just pool and ocean dives saving you time to have some fun on your holidays instead of being in the books all night.

The traditional way to learn the Divemaster knowledge is Candidates must read the PADI Dive-master Manual, watch DVD’s and complete all 9 Knowledge Reviews, which does take quite a bit of time. There’s 2 exams, which you need to self-study and prepare for using your PADI Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving and your Divemaster manual and slates.

PADI Divemaster Course Stamina and Water Skills:

There are a few swims and a solution thinking test that need to be completed on the course, you build up the stamina forthese swims by diving and snorkeling on the day dive trips. Here arethe swim tests. 400m swim, 800m Mask snorkel, and fins swim, 15-minute tread/float in water, 100m tired diver tow, the swims don’t all need to be done one after the other or even on the same day.

The solution test is an Equipment Exchange. Exchanging mask, scuba unit, and fins whilst buddy breathing (Swimming pool) – a fun solution thinking test.

PADI Divemaster Course Rescue Assessment:

Candidates must perform a simulated rescue of an unresponsive, non-breathing diver. The exercise is a pass/fail and you do get as many goes as you like until you reach mastery. The candidate’s performance must be of Instructor demonstration quality.

Being a Divemaster in training you’ll be assisting with many rescue diver courses ensuring that your skills are sharp and honed.

PADI Divemaster Course Skill Demonstration: 

Candidates must demonstrate the PADI 24 Basic Scuba Skills. Points are awarded from 1 to 5 with a total of 82 points required to pass. You will be taught these skills by our staff and videos.

As a PADI Divemaster, you can teach a diver the Scuba Review program (Scuba Tune Up) so you need to know how to do these skill’s to Instructor demonstration quality, also these are some of the skill’s that you are asked to do on the PADI Instructor examinations.


PADI Divemaster Course Required Training Exercises:

padi divemaster courseMapping Project and Dive Briefings. Learn to draw maps and give briefings about them. Certified divers go to see the divemaster if they need any information about the dive site so you need to know how to draw maps and give good dive briefings.

Divemaster candidates must participate in at least opadi divemaster coursene PADI Open Water course pool session and assist an Instructor in Four additional pool or confined water training sessions from any PADI course or program, usually being PADI Open water course or discover scuba diving.

You also need to complete at least one ocean dive on a PADI Open water training course, assist on a PADI Advanced training dive and one Rescue Diver or PADI Specialty Diver course ocean dive.

Plus three additional ocean training dives from any PADI course or program also one day supervising certified divers and leading them on a dive. We have stated the very least requirements by PADI.

As I said, we allow you to build your confidence up firstly with our staff members then actual students and divers which is a lot of fun, divers are generally nice people.

Essential Infopattaya divemaster course

On the Real Divers, Divemaster internship experience shall be gained in all areas, class, pool and ocean dives. You will meet lots of new friends on the course (Students, divers, Divemasters/Instructors) as you learn your leadership skills. After you’ve finished this course and especially if you want to go on to be a working instructor you will realize that one of the reasons you know what you’re doing is because you had a good Divemaster course.

PADI Divemaster Course prerequisites:

Be a certified PADI Rescue Diver or have an equivalent rating. (If equivalent rating the candidate must submit proof of CPR and first aid training within the past 24 months).
Have completed and logged at least 40 dives as documented by the individual’s personal logbook. If you don’t have the dives to start we have discounted multi-dive packages that will get you there. Note: at least 60 dives are required to complete the program.
Be at least 18 years old at the start of training.
Submit medical clearance for diving signed by a doctor, attesting to fitness to dive. 

Schedule: Much of the Divemaster course knowledge is self-directed and while the motivated candidate can complete the DM program in two weeks, allowing at least 3 weeks to a month makes for a more relaxed pace and gives plenty of time for all the dive course objectives to be met. If PADI eLearning has been completed the DM program can easily be completed in 2 weeks of dedicated training.

Real Divers dedicated Divemaster internship program here in Thailand is maximum of 2 months in length inclusive of everything from all training aids, learning manuals, slates, fees, and 40 dives.

Required materials (supplied in the course cost) 

PADI Divemaster Manual
The PADI Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving
The PADI Diving Knowledge Workbook
Divemaster slates and cue cards
E-RDP with manual
PADI Instructor Manual

Pattaya Divemaster course 40 dives Wreck and coral



Real Divers Training Prices

3 Week PADI Divemaster Course including, PADI Materials, Pool/Ocean 20 Training dives 35,000 Baht.
Up to 2 Month Internship PADI Divemaster Course (including PADI Materials, pool and 40 Ocean Dives – 42,000 Baht.

Real Divers Training Prices with PADI eLearning completed

3 Week PADI Divemaster Course with PADI eLearning completed (Ocean 20 Training dives)  28,000B

PADI eLearning; about (6,100B) 280 Aussie dollar.

NOTE: There is an extra payment for PADI materials you will need for the course if you have completed PADI eLearning. e-mail for details.

Note: PADI Divemaster course there is a payment to PADI for your Divemaster application fee, e-mail for details


Real Divers Deposit

Do you want to do more that one course? Perhaps make your way up the PADI diver ladder to professional levels. Then check out the Real Divers Internship offers, which can save you a lot of money.

Quick Facts

Duration3 Weeks to 2 Months
PrerequisiteRescue Diver & EFR current past 2 years
Minimum Age18 years old
eLearning Available
Next Diver Level Assitant Instructor course

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