PADI Advanced Open Water

PADI Advanced Open Water Course

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Experience the adventures in diving

padi advanced open water

Dive propulsion vehicles are just one of the fun dives you can do on your Advanced course.

padi advanced open water OK after completing the PADI Open Water course it is time to move onto the advanced program to extend both your skills and the depth limits that you can dive to.

Right now you can breathe, fin weightlessly, see clearly and explore a whole new underwater world that was previously denied to you.

To make the most of the underwater world you need to actually experience some of the different activities that interest you whether it be, Ship wreck diving, photography, night diving etc the Padi Adventure or Advanced course will help you find your interests. For example you might want to share the fun and excitement of one of your dives with your friends and family, you can do this by taking photos or video of yourself while diving.


 Pattaya has 4 great Shipwrecks to dive.

To make things more exciting you might want to learn how to take a video of a shipwreck and show how nature has taken a steel man-made object and turned it into a colourful coral garden.      

On the PADI Advanced course you get to do 5 dives over two days.  Two of the dives are mandatory, one being a deep dive to a maximum of 30 metres the other learning how to use a compass and natural navigation so you can navigate underwater. Then it’s your choice, you have three adventure dives that you can choose from. Look at the list of the dives below that we can do in Pattaya.

  • Underwater Navigator – mandatory dive
  • Deep Diver – mandatory dive

Choose 3 dives that interest you from this list

  • Boat diving
  • Digital Underwater Imaging
  • Drift Diving
  • Fish Identification 
    PADI Advanced open water course, Pattaya Thailand

    Dive Propulsion Vehicles are one of the dives you can do on your course

  • Night diving
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • Search and Recovery 
  • Underwater Naturalist 
  • Wreck Diving

At Real Divers you can also do these dives on your Advanced course.

  • Dive Propulsion Vehicles (underwater scooters)
  • Full Face Mask Diving
  • Side mount Diving



Real Divers Dive Propulsion Vehicle dive Woo Hoo

Knowledge Development

PADI Advanced Open Water Good news here. There is NO classroom session on the PADI Advanced Open Water course. The knowledge development section of the PADI Adventure Diver program just requires you to read the relevant chapters (the Adventure Dives you have chosen) of the PADI Adventures in Diving Manual (which you will receive from Real Divers when you sign up for the course) and complete the knowledge reviews at the end of the chapters.

Your PADI Instructor will then run through the knowledge reviews with you and go over anything you have got wrong or not understood, show you some new equipment. It is then time for the diving.

Ocean Diving

PADI Advanced Open Water The adventure dives you choose will take place at the Pattaya and Samae San dive sites.

The Pattaya and Samae San dive sites are particularly good for the PADI Advanced Open water training dives due to the fact that they offer ideal training conditions such as a number of wreck dives and deep dive sites enabling you to get the maximum out of the experience.


The Pattaya and Samae San dive sites are particularly good for the PADI Advanced Open water training dives due to the fact that they offer ideal training conditions such as number of wreck dives and deep dive sites enabling you to get the maximum out of the experience.


Try new equipment such as full face masks

On each dive there will be some skills to do followed by practice and normal dive activities tour of the coral reefs/wrecks.

It is then back onto the boat where your instructor will debrief you and you will log your Adventure dive.

HTMS Khram shipwreck is one of the popular Advanced dives.

Generally we will do the deep adventure dive as the first dive on the second day of the course.

After three adventure dives have been completed you are a PADI Adventure diver, and following the successful completion of the final two dives, a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver qualified to dive with a buddy up to a depth of 30 meters/ 98 feet.




PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (With Manual and Certification) – 14,500 Baht

Bargain Dive Equipment plus course/dive package – 17,900 Baht

Course includes:Professional Instruction, rental equipment, 5 dives, Advanced manual, diving slate, Certification, Lunch/snacks/fruit/drinks and pick up and return to your hotel and we will take a few underwater photos of you.

Course and Boat Schedule:

Pattaya Islands, 12 Metre Speedboat 10am to 2.30pm.

Samae San Islands, 8.30am to 4pm


Real Divers Deposit

Please e-mail for a availability on the day you would like to start your course. Then please pay 1,000 Baht deposit per person to insure your spot, the balance can be paid on the morning of the course date. Cancellation policy; 100% deposit refund if the day is red flagged by the coast guard because of sea conditions, this doesn’t happen too many times in a year. 


Directions to the dive center in Thai show a taxi driver. ซอยโรงแรมเวลคัม2 จอมเทียน ถนน เลียบชายหาดจอมเทียน ระหว่างซอย 11-12

 Contact details for google map if you would like to come to the dive center.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are doing 2 dives you will need 18 hours after your last dive before flying for safety reasons and 12 hours after 1 dive. If in doubt e-mail us.

Try a pool session before you start the course 2,500 Baht


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Quick Facts

Included in Trip Price

  • PADI Certification Card 
  • New PADI Adventures in Diving Manual
  • 5 Open Water Dives
  • Diving Equipment Rental
  • Lunch/fruit/drinks
  • Hotel Pickup and return



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