Pattaya PADI Open Water Course

PADI Open Water course

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Learn to scuba dive

Learning to dive on a Pattaya PADI Open Water Diver course is the most popular way that beginners around the world get certified to dive.

On completion of the course, you will be able to plan dives with another certified diver, independent of any dive professionals to a maximum depth of 18 meters/ 60 feet.




Real Divers are a PADI 5 STAR IDC Dive Center which means we can teach beginner divers all the way to Instructor ratings and we are the only dive center in Pattaya that run their trips from our 12 meter speedboats, which means no early starts and no late finishes as we start our courses at 10 am and finish at 3 pm. (with about an hour on each of the 4 open water dives).

We’ve never had to use it before because we have a 100% safety record but you are also insured by the TAT guidelines on your dive trips as we are a TAT registered company (Tourism Authority of Thailand).

Also every student on our Open water course gets a rental dive computer which enhances safety and is a mandatory piece of equipment for every open water student not just their Instructor, you will learn more about dive computers and timing devices on the course and why each diver must have one on the dive as a diver without a dive computer or timing device could find themselves in trouble very easily, safe drivers are happy divers.

The PADI Open water course consists of three stages:

1. Knowledge Development with either PADI e-learning or independent study of the e-manual:

2. Confined water training where you will practice the basic scuba diving skills in the swimming pool on how to be a diver:

3. Open Water diving where you will be diving in the ocean here at the Pattaya coral islands or Samae San islands.

The PADI Open Water Diver course is also a pre-requisite certification allowing you to enroll on more advanced PADI diving courses such as PADI Adventure Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, and PADI Specialty Diver.

Have a look at our Open water course which includes bargain priced mask and snorkel in the price.

4 Open water dives on Pattaya’s coral reefs with a great chance of seeing large turtles.

With PADI e-Learning you get to study online in your own time and at your own pace and also take the quizzes and exams so that when you’re ready to do the water work with us where it’s all diving and the course will take two to two and a half days to complete your training.turtle

PADI e-Learning will save you more free time on your holidays to have fun instead of being in the books and DVD’s studying dive knowledge, which takes a bit of time.

The other option of learning the knowledge if you haven’t done PADI e-Learning is self-study with the open water e-manual (which I can send you).

The first thing that you should do to prepare for the course is to read the 5 chapters of the PADI Open Water Diver training e-manual which Real Divers do includes in the course price.

There are five modules and each concludes with a multiple-choice answer knowledge review. This allows the instructor to go over any points the student has missed out on, thus not wasting time re-teaching parts you have already learned correctly. Once you turn up to the dive center we go over the knowledge reviews and then administer the quizzes.

“Pool Training”

The confined water sessions in the pool teach you the skills you will need for scuba diving such as breathing, finning action, buoyancy skills, mask and regulator skills and out of air drills.

Some of these skills you will use on every dive and others like the out of air drills we hope you will never need, but it is always important to know them in the uPattaya PADI Open Water coursenlikely event you were ever involved in a diving emergency.

When you have become proficient and mastered the skills you are now ready for the ocean.

The way it works in the pool is that first, we will have a small swimming test to check that you are able to swim and maintain yourself in the water. It is the time to set up your scuba gear and get in the water. Your PADI instructor will first demonstrate the skills for you and then you will be given as many attempts as you need to master it and make sure you can do it easily.

“Ocean Diving”

Now it is time to do what you came here to do. Dive in the ocean.DSCF1627

The following 2 days are fun days out on our 12-meter speedboat at the Pattaya coral islands or Samae san islands.

Now you get to use the knowledge and skills you have already learned in the knowledge development and swimming pool and use them on the dives you will be planning and of course exploring the reef which is full of colourful fish and marine-life with a great chance of seeing large hawkbill turtles on the 4 dives of the open water course.


 The course has a total of four dives, two dives per sea day.


On your first 2 dives, you have a maximum of 12 meters and dives 3 and 4 max depth 18 meters.

On the coral dives you have the chance of seeing angelfish, butterfly fish, puffer fish, stingrays, and large turtles these are seen on almost every dive.


Pattaya PADI Open water course Prices and Schedules

PADI Open Water Diver Course (including E-Manual & Certification) – 14,500 Baht.

PADI Open Water Diver Course (including manual (paper version) & Certification -16,500B.

PADI Open Water Diver Course with PADI eLearning: 

PADI elearning 210 Aussie dollar about – 4,650 Baht (depending on the Aussie dollar)

Real Divers Training – 11,000 Baht. (no hidden costs)

PADI Open Water Referral Course – price will vary.


 Speedboat Schedule with PADI e-learning; 


  • DAY 1…Pool     10am – 2.30pm. learning the essential skills of how to be a diver.
  • DAY 2…Ocean 10am – 3pm. 2 open water dives and dive planning.
  • DAY 3…Ocean  10am – 3pm. 2 open water dives and dive planning.
  Note: Can be completed in 2 days minimum time

 Speedboat Schedule without PADI eLearning;

  • DAY 1…Class   10am – 1pm  Knowledge development and quizzes. 
  • DAY 2…Pool     10am – 2.30pm  Learning all the basic skills to be a diver.
  • DAY 3…Ocean  10am – 3pm  Completing 2 open water dives and dive planning.
  • DAY 4…Ocean  10am – 3pm  Completing 2 open water dives and dive planning.
 Note: Can be completed in 3 days minimum time
We can be flexible with scheduling but trips are subject to weather and sea conditions for safety reasons.

Real Divers Deposit

No early starts or late finishes 10am to 3pm

Please e-mail for availability on the day you would like to start your course. Then please pay 1,000 Baht deposit per person to ensure your spot, the balance can be paid on the morning of the course date. Cancellation policy; 100% deposit refund if the day is red-flagged by the coast guard because of sea conditions, this doesn’t happen too many times in a year. 

Directions to the dive center in Thai show a taxi driver. ซอยโรงแรมเวลคัม2 จอมเทียน ถนน เลียบชายหาดจอมเทียน ระหว่างซอย 11-12

 Contact details for google map if you would like to come to the dive center.

Please NOTE: If you are doing 2 dives you will need 18 hours after your last dive before flying for safety reasons and 12 hours after 1 dive. If in doubt e-mail us.

Try a pool scuba dive before you start the course 2,500 Baht


Do you want to do more that one course? Perhaps make your way up the PADI diver ladder to professional levels. Then check out the Real Divers Internship offers, which can save you a lot of money.

TAT registered with Insurance on the course





Quick Facts

  • Duration – 3 to 4 Days. With e-learning minimum 2 to 3 days
  • Prerequisite – Beginner
  • Minimum Age – 10 years old
  • PADI e-Learning – Available
  • Next Diver Level – Advanced Open Water

-Included in Course Price with e-learning:

  • PADI Open Water e-manual
  • Certification Card
  • Pool Session
  • 4 Open Water Dives
  • Diver’s Logbook
  • Rental Diving Equipment including a dive computer
  • Lunch and soft drinks on the boat
  • Underwater photos of you
  • Hotel Pickup and return.
  • Real Divers Tee-shirt
  • Insured under TAT

Included in course price without e-learning:

  • PADI Open Water Diver E-Manual
  • Certification Card
  • Pool Session
  • 4 Open Water Dives
  • Diver’s Logbook
  • Rental Diving Equipment including a dive computer
  • Lunch and soft drinks on the boat
  • Underwater photos of you
  • Hotel Pickup and return.
  • Real Divers Tee-shirt
  • Insured under TAT