Pattaya Scuba Review

Pattaya scuba review

Haven’t been scuba diving lately? Feeling a bit rusty? Get a tank on your back and get back in the water! No classroom or exams.

pattaya scuba review www.real-divers.comPattaya Scuba Review dive is just the refresher you need to brush up on your knowledge and skills.

It doesn’t take long to get you back in the water and feeling copattaya scuba review www.real-divers.commfortable again. It’s quick and easy, and a good way to prepare for your next PADI course or get you ready for adventure on a diving vacation.

I think the preferred method for divers is to do a scuba review out in the ocean instead of in a pool. Our Scuba Review training starts in shallow water at one of the Pattaya island bays. We usually run this dive trip from our 12-meter speedboat.

After the shallow water training, we will do 2 coral reefs, where you have a great chance of seeing tropical angelfish, rays, puffer fish and large sea turtles.

Trip departs from Jomtien beach 10 am and returns 2.30pm

 What will you learn?

pattaya scuba review

pattaya scuba review

We’ll go over the important dive safety concepts with you and also have you practice putting your gear together and doing a pre-dive safety check with your buddy before the dive.

In shallow water, you’ll review some basic scuba skills such as mask clearing, reg clearing but we focus mostly on good buoyancy control skills and finning, this doesn’t take long.

Once you are comfortable with your buoyancy we will go for a dive and explore a coral reef and see what we can find.

After the dive, we move the speedboat to a different coral dive site and go for another reef dive.

Pattaya scuba review is a great way to get you ready for the next course the PADI Advanced course where you get to dive the shipwrecks in Pattaya.

Video of Koh Rin where we frequently teach scuba reviews. 


Because we know that customers differ to what they need for a dive trip package or PADI dive course package we have made two different price packages for your dive trips/courses: “Basic package and All inclusive” we can also still be flexible to adjust the price or package to suit your needs.

1) Basic package Dive/snorkel trip includes: Pro dive leader, 2 0r 3 dives, tanks & weights, rental equipment and lunch/snacks/drinks.

2) All Inclusive Dive/snorkel trip includes: Pro dive leader, 2 0r 3 dives, tanks & weights, rental equipment, lunch/snacks/drinks, hotel pick up/drop off and Real Divers tee shirt.

Basic price in Red

All Inclusive price in Blue

Pattaya Scuba tune up price

Real Divers Deposit

pattaya scuba review

Please e-mail for availability on the day you would like to go on the scuba tune-up. Then please

pay 1,000 Baht deposit per person to insure your spot, the balance can be paid on the morning of the trip date. 

Cancellation policy; 100% deposit refund if the day is red-flagged by the coast guard because of sea conditions, this doesn’t happen too many times in a year, if any.


Directions to the dive center in Thai show a taxi driver. ซอยโรงแรมเวลคัม2 จอมเทียน ถนน เลียบชายหาดจอมเทียน ระหว่างซอย 11-12

Contact details for google map if you would like to come to the dive center.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are doing 2 dives you will need 18 hours after your last dive before flying for safety reasons and 12 hours after 1 dive. If in doubt e-mail us.


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