Private Pattaya Speedboat Trips

Customize your own Private Pattaya scuba diving trips

Private Pattaya Speedboat trips.Real Divers run private speedboat trips for scuba diving/snorkeling activities at the Pattaya near and far coral and shipwreck sites.

We run these private custom trips from our 12-meter twin-engine speedboats, it takes us 15 minutes to get to the Pattaya near islands and 25 minutes to the far islands meaning more time in the water instead of sitting on a boat that takes an hour and a half to get to the islands.

Our usual speedboat trips start at 10 am which gives us plenty of time to enjoy the islands and dive and snorkel a couple of coral reefs before we return about 2.30 pm obviously when you make your custom trip it’s down to you what time you would like to start and finish the day’s activities.

Private Pattaya Speedboat trips.
Our speedboat trips leave from Jomtien beach instead of the main Pattaya, Bali Hai port where you have masses of Pattaya tourists.

We only take a maximum group of 8 divers per speedboat so you have plenty of space especially as we use large speedboats.

Our private trips start with a pick up at your hotel in our air-con minibus which will take you to the dive center.

We board our speedboats at Jomtien beach a minutes walk from the dive center and head for the Pattaya near or far islands.

At the islands, we have coral reef diving as well as wreck diving for the certified diver. We have 3 great wrecks and numerous coral sites.

If you don’t have a driving license you can participate in a Discover scuba diving experience program. Our speedboats can pull right up to the beach so we start in shallow water which you can stand up in and have a bit of fun learning to breathe underwater. Once everyone’s comfortable doing this we will go and have a look at the fish life on a couple of shallow coral reefs dives.

To book a private speedboat trip email then we can have a chat beforehand about your activities, which islands will we go to, details about food and drinks for the trip and we will help you to make a time frame for the trip and hotel pickups.

Private Pattaya speedboat trips Near islands

  • 1 person 10,500B
  • 2 people 12,500B
  • 3 people 15,000B
  • 4 people 17,000B
  • 5 people 19,000B
  • 6 people 22,000B
  • 7 people 24,000B
  • 8 people 26,000B

Private Pattaya speedboat trips Far islands

  • 1 person 13,500B
  • 2 people 16,000B
  • 3 people 18,000B
  • 4 people 20,000B
  • 5 people 23,000B
  • 6 people 25,000B
  • 7 people 26,000B
  • 8 people 28,000B