Thailand ship wrecks Pattaya Koh Chang.

Thailand Ship Wrecks Pattaya Koh Chang.

Over the past 15 years the Thai Navy has been scuttling Naval ships in Pattaya and Koh Chang in order to spur reef growth.

Thailand ship wrecks Pattaya Koh Chang

HTMS Khram In Pattaya

HTMS Khram, HTMS Kood and HTMS Mataphon were scuttled in Pattaya and HTMS Chang in Koh Chang.

We also have our old wrecks such as the Bremen and the WWII Hardeep wreck 45 minutes drive from Pattaya at the Samae San islands.

Pattaya is a famous seaside resort in Thailand and is easy to get to, 1.20 minutes drive from Bangkok airport.

The Samae San islands are off the tourist track about a 45 minutes drive from Pattaya. 

Koh Chang is Thailands 2nd largest island, 4 hours drive from Pattaya. Koh Chang  is a beautiful white beach island which also has a great shipwreck the HTMS Chang.

All these wrecks now have corals and masses of marine life, small sharks, rays and schooling barracudas are seen on most dives.

The Pattaya coral dive sites are great to dive, Koh Rin island with its north and south coral pinnacles and Koh Man Wichai which has it’s finger crop coral formations and wall. We see puffer fish, angel fish, turtles, blue spotted sting rays and tons of other marine life.

We run a Wreck/coral dive package for our local divers and customers, we run this trip only four times a year: it’s a fun trip as most people know each other and if we don’t know you we welcome you to join up with the Real Divers team on our trip.


Pattaya – The question is what can’t you do in Pattaya.

Pattaya is known for wreck diving.

Pattaya is world famous for nightlife.

    Jomtien Beach, Pattaya, Thailand









Dates of Pattaya to Koh Chang trip.

February 1st 2017

March 15th 2017

May 5th 2017

November 15th 2017

Thailand ship wrecks Pattaya Koh Chang Trip Schedule:

Thailand ship wrecks Pattaya Koh Chang

Hardeep wreck in Samae San

DAY  1 Pattaya Islands

Dive 1 HTMS Khram (56m long – starts 14m –  bottom 30m)

Dive 2 HTMS Mataphon (40m long – starts 16m – bottom 22m)

Dive 3 Coral dive

DAY 2 Samae San Islands

Dive 1 WWII Hardeep (70m long – starts 15m – 28m)

Dive 2 option WWII Hardeep (28m) or coral dive

Dive 3 Coral dive

DAY 3 Travel to Koh Chang Island (5 hours)

Thailand ship wrecks Pattaya Koh Chang

HTMS Chang in Koh Chang

Settle in at hotel and relax on the white beaches of the island.

DAY 4 Koh Chang Islands

Dive 1 HTMS Chang (100m long – starts 12m – bottom 30m)

Dive 2 HTMS Chang

DAY 5 Return to Pattaya (5 hours)


We have been running our dive center in Pattaya for over 12 years and have been diving these areas for over 20 years so we are pretty good at getting the weather and sea conditions at there best.

All hotels in the Pattaya and Koh Chang package are 3 to 4 star hotels. Food and drinks are not included in our price.

We also give everybody the option of coming back in our air-con minibus to Pattaya or if you would like to stay on Koh Chang longer we will take the price of our taxi off the our package price.

If you don’t want to do the whole 5 day package email me and i will make you a custom price. 


The trip includes

Thailand ship wrecks Pattaya Koh Chang

Pattaya coral site

  • Hotel for 3 nights in Pattaya
  • 1 day diving the wrecks and corals in Pattaya.
  • 1 day diving the wreck and corals in Samae san.
  • 1 day diving the wreck and corals in Koh chang.
  • Air con mini-bus from Pattaya to Koh Chang.
  • Hotel 2 nights in Koh Chang.
  • Tanks and weights for all dives.
  • Air con mini-bus return to Pattaya.
  • Lunch and drinks on all boat trips.


The price of the trip package – 24,700 Thai Baht

Koh Chang – nice quiet island one of the only ones left in Thailand.

   Koh Chang, white sands beach.

           Hotels right beside the beach.








We run these trips at the right times of the year so we get perfect sea and diving conditions

            Koh Chang, Night life by the beach








On all our trips this year 2017 we have had excellent sea and weather conditions, blue skies and calm seas. We had up to 15 metres viz on the Pattaya and Samae san trips and up to 25 metres viz on the HTMS Chang. In March on the HTMS Chang we also had the privilege to see a whale shark on the wreck which was a great surprise for us as we don’t get to see many of them in Pattaya or Samae san.

We had a great bunch ladies and gents on the trip who had a great time diving the wrecks and coral sites at the 3 different locations which escalated into a great beach party at a bar on Koh Chang, some of the divers even stayed a couple of extra days on the island to relax and adventure while the rest headed on back to Pattaya.

Special Thanks and congratulations to Joe, Ken and Sarah who completed both Advanced course and Wreck specialty course on the trip as well as seeing the Whale Shark.






HTMS Khram

HTMS Chang

WWII Hardeep

Koh Man Wichai coral island

Real Divers video

Koh Rin Coral island

To Book a trip you need to pay the deposit of 10,000B per person.

Real Divers Deposit 


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