Afternoon night dive trips

Happy New Year everyone, I hope everyone is well and also that this year will be better than the last for our afternoon night dive trips.

After a few days of wondering if we we’re allowed to be open or not for this 2nd covid 19 wave we have just found out from the Pattaya Marine police we can open so that’s good news.

We are running daily PADI courses and dive trips to our premier coral far island and wreck dive sites “Koh Rin, Koh Man Wichai and the HTMS Khram” We are looking to dive the North and South pinnacles of Koh Rin, the wall and the fingers dive on Koh Man Wichai and the HTMS Khram and will be running this trip from our speedboat.

We are also making some great PADI specialty course packages (with discounts) for Open water divers such as peak performance buoyancy, fish identification, drift diving and navigation specialty courses also specialties for the Advanced divers such as enriched air (Nitrox), Dive propulsion vehicles, side mount diving and wreck diving specialties.

If anyone is interested in doing a PADI course or specialty diver course, dive trip or doing a night dive at these dive sites let us know?

We are also diving week days and weekends for private dive trips, we have given some great discounted group packages for trips and courses


Dive Trips/Dates/Times

afternoon night dive trips Pattaya ThailandWe were having problems diving the wrecks as the fisherman were stealing the lines and buoys but now we have a depth finder GPS and grappling hook so we will be diving the wrecks with no problems from now on.

We did dive the HTMS Khram which is the best wreck dive in Pattaya last month and had good 15 metres viz on the dive, we expect the good viz to be carrying on through January to May.

One thing that is changing in January is our starting time, our dive trips will now be starting at 10am and we should be back at 3pm-ish or before depending on how many dives we do on the day (2 or 3?)

Here is a run down on what we are looking to do through the weekends of January. January usually has good diving throughout the month, let us know the date you would like to dive and we can advise you on the weather, wave and current situation throughout the month.


Saturday 9th – Speedboat trip – wreck and coral diving

Sunday 10th  – Speedboat trip – wreck and coral diving

Saturday 16th – Speedboat trip – HTMS Khram and coral diving – Far islands

Sunday 17th – Speedboat trip – Pattaya Far islands.

Saturday 23rd – Speedboat Trip – Koh Rin North & South pinnacles.

Sunday 24th – Speedboat trip – Koh Man Wichai – wall & fingers dive.

Saturday 30th – Speedboat trip – Pattaya Far islands.

Sunday 31st – Speedboat trip – Pattaya Far Islands

If anyone is interested in doing a night dive let us know and we will see if we can get the numbers together for that day/night.

Treasure Hunt 27th February (Long weekend)

We  have our date for the Under water Treasure hunt which will be on the 27th February, there are some great prizes to be found. Top prize Dive computer and there will be masks, tee shirts, dive caps, dry bags, dive knifes, SMB’s etc to be won.

We are only taking 20 people on this treasure hunt with over 40 prizes to be won so let us know asap if you are interested. It is also a known fact that anyone with the Navigation, search and recovery specs and Rescue divers find more prizes than the rest, pretty obvious really.

We will also be offering underwater compasses for a discounted price of 750B or rental price of 300B for the day.

The way the treasure hunt day will work!! we will go to an island that none of you have ever been to (It’s our secret Island) there our staff will put down 40 small vases with a number in it, the vase and number will then match the prize. The prizes will be given out that afternoon after diving at the Richmond sports bar where there will be food, cold beverages and music.


afternoon night dive trips Pattaya Thailand

Afternoon night dive trips

Dive Equipment – Best Deals – Sales of the month

We have been talking to a lot of divers in Thailand and they are always telling us that the dive equipment is too expensive here? In January we will be offering Scuba Pro and Suunto sales, you give us the price you would like for the piece of equipment and we will let you know if we can match that price or get close to it, feel free to ask whether its a dive computer, compasses, regulator system, BCD’s, mask, fins, wet suits etc. If you are looking for dive equipment then why not see what we can do? you may be surprised with our low prices.

For an example we sale Top range Scubapro Mk25 Evo 1st stage with S600 2nd stage 22,400B with guarantee.

We sale Top range Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD 27,500B with guarantee.

We sale Top range Suunto D5 Dive computer with USB 18,500B with guarantee.

I’d be surprised if you can get a better deal that also includes a guarantee on the equipment.


PADI Dive Courses

afternoon night dive trips Pattaya Thailand

Most PADI specialty courses now have there own PADI e-manuals so that you can do the knowledge side of the course in your own time. Most Specialty courses take either 1 or 2 days ocean training:

Here are the specialties we can teach:

Deep diver – Wreck diver – Enriched air NITROX diver – Navigation diver – Search and recovery diver – Drift diver – Digital underwater photography diver – Peak performance buoyancy diver – Night diver – Dive propulsion Vehicle diver – Side mount Diver – Boat diver – Dive against debris diver – Equipment specialist diver – Seahorse diver specialty course.

If you are a Rescue diver with 50 dives and have 5 specialties areas, you can become a Master Scuba Diver which is the highest non professional rating (The Black belt in diving). PADI are giving the Master Scuba diving application for free, so let me know if you have these ratings and would like to be signed off as a Master scuba diver for free.

Rescue Diver Course

If we can get enough customers on any PADI course we are giving some very nice group discounts on PADI courses and in January we will be looking at the PADI Rescue diver course as we already have a few divers that want to sign up for the course.

We will be running Rescue courses each weekend from January to the end of February so if you are interested in becoming a Rescue Diver or if you are a Rescue Diver already and would like to join the course and brush up on your Rescue skills (same price as a normal 2 dive day trip) give us an email and we can give you the details and send the elearning to you so you can study the knowledge side of  the course in your own time. 

The Rescue diver course is probably the most misinterpreted course in the PADI system! everyone seems to think you have to be a superman to complete the course, which is wrong. The Rescue course is more about anticipating problems before they happen which makes sense, and then if something did happen to you or your buddy you are now better equipped with your training to deal with the problem.

Here is a better insight to the Rescue divers course and if anyone is interested in more info let me know and I will send you the Rescue video for the course so you can see yourself which skills are on the course, most of the skills are brain against brawn just depends which one you have more of.

Professional courses

afternoon night dive trips www.real-divers.comWe are a PADI 5 STAR IDC center which means we can teach all PADI courses from beginner levels to the highest Professional dive levels. We have been teaching Professional divers for over 20 years which makes me feel old but I know we do a great job when it comes to making good Professionals.

We can run all PADI Pro courses all year long plus for the local divers; we can teach these pro courses over the weekends which makes schedules easier for you especially if you have to work during the week.

Both the PADI Divemaster and PADI Instructor development course can be completed in 5 to 6 weekends. These weekends don’t have to be in a row and we can be very flexible with the dates.

We also run dive internships that take you all the way to Dive Instructor, this internship can also be completed over weekends.

To Book email: or phone 038-232-476 or my mobile Neil: 087-602-1411


Afternoon night dive trips