Afternoon night dive trips

Why are we running these fun afternoon night dive trips at weekends?

We are running these trips for our local divers and Bangkok divers afternoon night dive trips www.real-divers.comwho have to work during the week. Which means with this trip you don’t have to wake up early and rush to Pattaya just to go diving, plus this is not the usual type of Pattaya dive trip and everyone on the trip will be a local diver.

From September 2020 to June 2021 we will be running at least 2 of these trips per month. The only months we won’t be doing these dive trips is in July and August, mainly because in our 20 years experience of diving in Pattaya it tells us that these months have the heaviest rainfall plus unexpected storms at night.

afternoon night dive trips www.real-divers.comThroughout the year we will let you know each month what special weekend trips we will be making plus the best PADI dive courses for the month and we will put a bargain piece of dive equipment in the dive deals so you can build your full set of dive equipment.



Dive Trips/Dates/Times

In September we will be running these dive trips mostly from our large dive boat or if the numbers and sea conditions warrant it from our 12 metre speedboat.

On both the 12th and 26th we are going to the Pattaya islands and we are planning to do a wreck dive followed by a coral dive; we will also do the night dive on the same coral dive so everyone is familiar with the dive site. Start time at the dive center at 1.30pm and we will be back before 9pm.


afternoon night dive trips www.real-divers.comThe dive trips on the 12th and 26th Sept we will be coming back to Pattaya after the dives but we do have a trip in November where we will be staying the night in a hotel on Koh Larn so we can relax and have a few cold beverages after the dives. The next day we are going to either spend the day exploring the island or relaxing lazing on the beaches and then heading home in the afternoon.

If we get enough of a group to do the night dive specialty course which includes 3 night dives we will then be staying and sleeping on the boat under the stars. This won’t be the September trips or the speedboat trips and we will need good weather and sea conditions to do this but we will be able to make a dawn dive, which i have never done in Pattaya.


PADI Courses for afternoon night dive trips

afternoon night dive trips www.real-divers.comWe will be teaching PADI courses on these September trips; the courses for these 2 trips will be the PADI Night dive specialty course and wreck dive specialty course; You do need to be an Advanced diver to do the wreck spec and an open water diver for the night spec.

We are also running the PADI Advanced course for the open water divers on these trips; so if you would like to upgrade and be able to dive the wrecks these are great trips to do so.

We are also open to suggestions if you would like to do any other PADI course or PADI specialties on these trips such as Enriched air Nitrox specialty which is one of the specialties that can be combined with any PADI other spec.

Over this year and the next we will have different diving specialties that are appropriate with the dive conditions for that time of the year. Such as we will be running a treasure hunt early next year so the navigation and search and recovery specs will definitely be taught on that month.


Dive Equipment

On the trips we do have rental torches as we just bought 10 brand new Tovatec Compact 285 lumens. We have been using this type of torch for the past 5 years and they are great lights plus they only need x3 AAA battery’s so very easy to use and maintain.

On the dive trip if you don’t have a dive light!! you can either rent a torch for 600B or you can use the rental torch on the dive and then decide if you would like to buy it afterwards?

This is a special offer because they are all brand new torches and it’s a one time offer. They cost brand new 2,600B and we will be giving this special offer to you as the bargain of the month 1,500B after that they will be rental torches for the other night dive trips.

Every month we will have a different piece of dive equipment at bargain price and appropriate to the dives we will be doing on the dive trip.


Professional courses

Scuba Diving Internship PackagesWe are a PADI 5 STAR IDC center which means we can teach all PADI courses from beginner levels to the highest Professional dive levels. We have been teaching Professional divers for over 20 years which makes me feel old but I know we do a great job where it comes to making good Professionals.

We can run all PADI Pro courses all year long plus for the local divers; we can teach these pro courses over the weekends which makes schedules easier for you especially if you have to work during the week.

Both the PADI Divemaster and PADI Instructor development course can be completed in 5 to 6 weekends. These weekends don’t have to be in  a row and we can be very flexible with the dates.

We also run dive internships start as a non diver and takes you all the way to Dive Instructor, this internship can also be completed over weekends.


Real Divers Activities

afternoon night dive trips www.real-divers.comWe have always tried to make diving fun after the diving activities have finished usually with cold beverages at a local drinking hole or our drink a beer through a snorkel night for those who have finished all of the following courses – Rescue divers, Divemasters and Dive Instructor completions; this has been a Traditional trait for Real Divers for the past 15 years but you can decline and take the wrath. We usually have a BBQ afternoon/night on these events.

We will be thinking of other fun activities that we can do after diving and would like to hear some of your idea’s on what you would think would be a fun event and then see if we can put it on.


Prices for the afternoon night dive trips

TRIP Rental Equipment Own Equipment Date 
x1 Dive Trip  3 Dives 3,500B 3,200B 12th or 26th Sept
x2 Dive Trip & Night spec

x2 Dive Trip & Wreck spec

11,500B 11,000B 12th & 26th Sept

x2 Dive Trip & Wreck & Night spec

      16,000B 15,000B 12th & 26th Sept
x2 Dive Trips & Advanced Course 12,000B 11,500B 12th & 26th Sept


Torch Rental                             Torch use it then buy it

600B                                                1,500B

Dive Torch – TOVATEC Compact torch


We already have 8 divers from the Bangkok and local Pattaya areas for the 12th September and we will be taking a maximum of 15 people on these trips.

We have done a lot of night dive trips in September and they have always been good trips because of the good dive conditions. We are expecting the sea to be what we call glass top and there will be no current on this trip from 1pm to 9pm which is unheard of in Pattaya and one of the biggest reasons why we picked this day; so it should be a great trip and we look forward to diving with you all.

To Book email: or phone 038-232-476 or my mobile Neil: 087-602-1411