PADI 5 STAR Instructor Course Pattaya Thailand IDC

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The PADI 5 STAR Instructor course Pattaya Thailand IDC held by Real Divers is the final stage of training to become a PADI Dive Instructor, this course prepares you for your career and the PADI Instructor Exams held directly after the IDC with a PADI examiner in Pattaya.

Why do your Instructor course with us?

Our PADI Course Director and PADI IDC Staff Instructors have been teaching IDC’s for over 15 years and we have the been teaching PADI courses for over 20 years where we have taught thousands of divers to be either divers or professionals.

We run a unique IDC as we have PADI elearning included in our price which means you can complete a lot of the IDC sections on-line in your own time before you turn up (which is mainly the boring IDC staff lectures). This cuts the duration of an IDC/IE from the usual 2 to 3 weeks in Thailand down to 12 days and because of this it will save you a lot of money because you don’t have the extra living expenses.

We also offer optional accommodation and lunch on the IDC plus packages for dives if needed, which we adjust the price accordingly.



PADI 5 STAR Instructor course Pattaya Thailand IDC www.real-divers.comIn Thailand and most places around the World, an Instructor Development Course has a 3-day preparation course followed by a 14-day program broken down into three sections, the Assistant Instructor (AI) course, and the Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) course and the PADI Instructor exams (IE). Although most candidates opt to take the entire IDC/IE in one go it is also possible to do the segments of the instructor course separately, especially if you are pushed for time.

We also run IDC’s for our Bangkok and local divers over a series of weekends who may not have time to do a full IDC in a row because of work etc.

Our IDC training takes: preparation course (2 days) and Instructor Development Course (8 days) once completed you then go onto the PADI Instructor exams (2 days) which are held by a PADI examiner. 

PADI 5 STAR Instructor Course Pattaya Thailand IDC

PADI 5 STAR Instructor course Pattaya Thailand IDC www.real-divers.comUnlike some PADI Instructor courses, we have you do the preparation course online in your own time via PADI eLearning which is included in the course package price.

Once PADI elearning has been completed this takes our IDC/IE down from the usual 14 days to 8 days which is mainly in-water pool skills and ocean training as most of the IDC staff Instructor lectures have been completed online. The PADI Instructor Exams is 2 days so in total we can make you an Instructor in 12 days with PADI elearning completed.

This doesn’t just save you time but saves you money as you don’t have the extra living costs. We have designed our IDC course schedule for you to get the optimal training and practice before you take the Instructor exams and become a PADI Dive Instructor. 

We have been working in the diving industry in Thailand for over 20 years and all our IDC/IE graduates from the Real Divers Instructor program are assisted to find work following the course maybe with us or other dive centers we know. We also offer training such as PADI specialty courses and Master Scuba diving training internships. Our Course Director and IDC staff have a 100% IDC/IE pass rate.

Training Details

The PADI Instructor Development course consists of presentations by thePADI 5 STAR Instructor course Pattaya Thailand IDC PADI Course Director and PADI IDC Staff Instructors which are given over the course of the AI and OWSI segments. These presentations introduce you to the PADI system of diver training, teach you how to be an instructor and examine all components and courses of the PADI structure.

The PADI Instructor Course will teach you how to use the PADI Standards and teaching tools to maximum effectiveness and will show you how to prepare the presentations for teaching your own students.

Areas where you are assessed on the IDC include:

Dive Theory Exams

PADI 5 STAR Instructor course Pattaya Thailand IDC

On the PADI IDC you will be required to take exams similar to the Divemaster exams from the categories; Physics, Physiology, Dive Equipment, Dive Skills, and the Environment and Decompression Theory.

You will be able to review the knowledge and exams beforehand with the eLearning dive theory knowledge online. These exams will need to be passed on the IDC and again on the PADI Instructor Exam so revise them well.

PADI General Standard & Procedure Exam

The PADI Standards exam is an open-book exam that allows you to use both the PADI Instructor Manual and the PADI Guide to Teaching manual to answer the exam questions. The exam is designed to test your ability to understand how to use the PADI Instructor Manual and how you use the General Standards and Procedures. This exam is also replicated on the PADI Instructor Exam. To revise this exam look through the Instructor manual and PADI elearning.

Divemaster Skills Circuit
PADI 5 STAR Instructor course Pattaya Thailand IDC

Just to check that your dive skills are slow enough to be suitable for teaching there is a run-through of the 24 skill circuit from the PADI Divemaster course.

Your dive skills should be of Instructor demonstration quality, in that they should be slow, pronounced and easy to mimic as you make the transition from teaching assistant to diving instructor. At Real Divers, we normally hold the skills circuit on the IDC Prep or very early in the IDC to make sure that your skills are up-to-scratch before you commence teaching presentations.


Knowledge Development Teaching Presentations

PADI 5 STAR Instructor course Pattaya Thailand IDC

These presentations are given by you to your classmates and PADI Course Director/IDC Staff Instructors. You will prepare prescriptive and micro-teaching presentations on individual questions from PADI courses (which you will be assigned at the beginning of the IDC). These presentations usually take 5 to 10 minutes and will be graded according to specific criteria. Your PADI Course Director and staff will give you positive feedback on them and suggestions for how you can improve them. Remember you can make as many mistakes as you want on the IDC as everyone learns from making mistakes. We are trying to prepare you for the IE so this is a learning environment where you can correct yourself as you go along.


Confined Water Teaching Presentations

PADI 5 STAR Instructor course Pattaya Thailand IDC www.real-divers.comA major component of what you will learn on the IDC involves your in-water teaching. During the course you will give confined water presentations from parts of the PADI Open Water course, Adventures in Diving program and Rescue Diver course.

These presentations will involve real-life teaching to your classmates simulating students and prepare you for teaching presentations on the IE and in your future dive instructional career. Like the classroom, you will have a number of attempts at giving presentations in the pool so don’t be afraid to make mistakes, relax and give the best presentation you can.


Open Water Teaching Presentations

PADI 5 STAR Instructor course Pattaya Thailand IDC www.real-divers.comThe last thing that you are assessed during the PADI IDC is the ability to teach in the open water. After some demonstrations of ideal teaching from the staff we will go out on the boat twice during the IDC and you will give presentations where you will teach your classmates simulating students on the PADI Open Water course, Adventures in the Diving program and Rescue Diver course.

The presentations will be graded and critical feedback on control, problem-solving and positioning will be given by your Course Director/IDC Staff. Again remember this is not the PADI Instructor Exam so feel free to make mistakes which you will learn from.

You will also need to give a demonstration quality teaching of Rescue Exercise 7 “Unresponsive Diver at the Surface.”

While this might seem like a lot to take in during the short IDC we assure you that it is a fun and rewarding program which prepares you properly to go to a PADI Instructor Exam and eventually give you the licence to work in all sorts of tropical dream destinations.


PADI 5 STAR Instructor Course Pattaya Thailand IDC

Prepare for the IDC


Be at least a renewed PADI Divemaster or equivalent rating
• A current Dive Medical (past 1 year)
• EFR trained or another medical agency in the past 2 years plus EFR Instructor.
• Appropriate visa to last the duration of the entire program
• Have been a certified diver for at least 6 months and logged at least 100 dives.

What is the best way to prepare for an IDC

Check that you have all of your certification details. Bring all of your certification cards with you to the IDC. If you do not have all of your certification cards then contact PADI to confirm certification numbers and details. If you have any certifications from organizations other than PADI then please photocopy both sides of the certification cards and bring the cards with you as PADI will need these copies to verify your existing credentials.

• Make sure that you have a visa to be in Thailand for the duration of your IDC.

• Make sure you have and get acquainted with the required materials such as the Instructor Manual and teaching slates. This will be helpful to you in preparing for your teaching presentations and the Standards Exams. 

• Complete PADI eLearning online and give yourself enough time to do this before the IDC starts.

Study and complete the Dive knowledge Theory online – Physics, Physiology, Dive equipment, Skills & environment, RDP and deco theory and again give yourself plenty of study time as you will do these exams both on the IDC and IE.

• Make sure that your gear is in working order with regulators serviced, SPGs working, compasses functional, etc and that you have all of the required equipment. 

• Practice your 24 skill circuit from the DIvemaster course to get your skills better and towards Instructor demonstration quality.

• GAIN EXPERIENCE. Try and work as much as you can as a Divemaster assisting PADI Instructors to teach courses. We can provide and help you with this option but it does mean turning up to the dive center a couple of weeks before.

PADI IDC Required Materials

PADI 5 STAR Instructor Course Pattaya Thailand IDC

  • Instructor Manual, Paper or Digital version
  • PADI Guide to Teaching
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Outline
  • Project Aware Specialty Outline
  • Aware Coral Reef Conservation Specialty Outline
  • Open Water Diver Quizzes & Exams Booklet
  • Rescue Diver Final Exams Booklet
  • Divemaster Final Exams Booklet
  • Open Water Cue Cards
  • Confined Water Cue Cards
  • Adventures in Diving Cue Cards
  • Rescue Diver Cue Cards
  • Discover Scuba Diving
  • Confined Water Preparation Slate
  • Open Water Training Dive Lesson Planning Slate
Please bring the following PADI materials from your Open Water, AOW, Rescue and DM courses (required for the IDC)
  • Encyclopedia of Recreational DivingPADI 5 STAR Instructor Course Pattaya Thailand IDC
  • eRDP Multilevel 
  • PADI Open Water Manual (incl. RDP Table)
  • PADI Adventures in Diving Manual
  • PADI Rescue Diver Manual
  • PADI Divemaster Manual
  • Diving Knowledge Workbook
Required Scuba Gear
  • BCD
  • Regulator with Alternate Air Source and Submersible Pressure Gauge 
  • Mask & snorkel
  • Fins
  • Appropriate exposure suit
  • Cutting Tool
  • Whistle
  • Compass
  • Depth Gauge
  • Timing Device
  • SMB
Recommended Scuba Gear
  • Pocket Mask (You will need this for Rescue Exercise #7 and to teach the PADI Rescue course)
  • John line
  • Lift Bag
  • Measuring Tape
  • Length of Rope (For a demonstration of knot tying)

PADI 5 STAR Instructor Course Pattaya Thailand IDC

IDC Schedule


3 Jan 4 – 5 Jan    6 – 14 Jan 15 – 16 Jan
28 Feb 29 Feb – 1 Mar 2 – 10 Mar 11 – 12 Mar
1 May 2 – 3 May 4 – 12 May 13 – 14 May
12 Jun 13 – 14 Jun 15 – 23 Jun 24 – 25 Jun
29 Aug 30 – 31 Aug 1 – 8 Sep 9 – 10 Sep
30 Oct  31 Oct – 1 Nov 2 – 10 Nov 11 – 12 Nov

The IDC prep is optional.

We can run the IDC’s etc on any dates but the PADI Instructor exams are set exams dates and can’t be changed.


What is Included in the IDC packages


The benefits of PADI elearning means most of our staff lectures on the IDC have been completed online. This saves time on the IDC and we can bring the total usual duration of an IDC/IE in Thailand from 2 to 3 weeks down to 12 days which saves you a lot of money on living expenses. Because a lot of the IDC lectures have been completed online it also allows us to to concentrate on in-water control, pool and ocean briefings as well as lectures, which are some of the main parts of the Instructor exams.



63,000 THB


70,000 THB


75,000 THB

IDC Prep IDC Prep IDC Prep  
PADI IDC Elearning

Instructor development course

PADI IDC Elearning

Instructor development course

PADI IDC Elearning

Dive Theory online

IE Party EFR Instructor  Instructor development course  
Accommodation/lunch included IE Party EFR Instructor   
  Accommodation/lunch included IE Party
Accommodation/lunch included
*=PADI Fees must be paid to PADI prior to entry to the IE
We do group discounts, let us know how many people and give us an email for the price.
What Are the Fees to PADI? (Aussie $)
    • PADI IDC Application Aussie $293
    • PADI Instructor Aussie Exam $930
    • EFRI Application Aussie $202

Total Aussie $1,425 PADI Fees.

If you are interested in becoming a PADI Dive Instructor