In Pattaya we take an SMB on every dive just in case there is boat traffic. You can also use a SMB as a basic descent and ascent line on the dive plus make a safety stop using it. They are also great for getting the boats attention if you have surfaced away from the boat or if there is in the unlikely event of a dive accident.
All round great piece of equipment to dive with but it also can potentially be a dangerous piece of equipment if you haven’t been trained to use it properly and this is what this specialty course is for. 

PADI SMB Specialty course www.real-divers.comBoats and currents are two common elements with many dive sites. Boaters, jet skiers don’t always recognize that divers are in the area and a sea current can carry you further than expected. Being able to launch a delayed surface marker buoy before you surface can alert others to your location in advance of your ascent or to complete a safety stop.

You need to be a PADI Open Water Diver who is at least 12 years old to enroll in the DSMB Diver course.


Surface Marker buoys serve a range of purposes and you’ll learn about common types of SMB along with the reels used to control them.

The course has a PADI SMB manual which needs to be read and has 2 knowledge reviews to be filled in.

PADI SMB Specialty course

The Dives

During the two training dives, you’ll practice:

  • Preparing and stowing your SMB and reel.
  • Deploying the SMB from a stationary position and from mid-water.
  • Swimming while towing a SMB and managing the reel and line.
  • Making a safety stop using the SMB line.


Prices and Schedule

PADI SMB Specialty course www.real-divers.comPADI SMB Specialty course with manual and certification 7,000B (1 Day 2 dives)

The course will be run from our large 12 metre speedboats to the Pattaya islands

  • Start time 9am at dive center,
  • Return time 2.30pm-ish.