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dive center near me www.real-divers.comA dive center near me. Real Divers scuba diving, snorkeling trips, PADI courses and dive equipment in Pattaya, Thailand, Real Divers is your one-stop-shop.

We are Pattaya’s only family-run British PADI 5 Star IDC dive center. We run our dive trips from our 12 metre speedboats from 9.30am to 3pm.

Journalist Dave Chandler (retired) started it 25 years ago when he came to Pattaya and decided to learn to dive. He enjoyed it so much that he sold his publishing company, retired early and emigrated to Thailand.

Later, Dave’s sons Neil and Peter followed out from England and he trained them to become PADI Instructors. Dave ran Elite Divers, which later changed its name to Diving Thailand.

Neil and Peter opened Real Divers in 2005 and later linked their business wAbout Real Divers real-divers.comith Diving Thailand to make Real Divers Diving Thailand.

The scuba team is headed up by Neil and Peter from the base in Soi Welcome, Jomtien. Jomtien is a quiet place just 10 minutes away from the bustling action of Pattaya.

Neil and Peter are two of Pattaya’s most experienced Instructors in Pattaya. They have a 100 percent safety record after thousands of dives on all the local sites.

We run daily speedboat trips to Pattaya’s offshore islands and also to Samae san islands. The Samae san islands are a 45 minutes by road south of Pattaya. The islands have coral dives and wreck dives for all level’s of divers. We can teach you to dive on a PADI open water course or teach you to become a PADI professional and go home with something tangible from your holiday.

Pattaya Scuba diving sites

Pattaya has 12 tropical islands and odive center near me www.real-divers.comver 30 plus dive sites to explore, both wreck and coral dives.

We are the only dive center in Pattaya that runs their dive trips from 12-metre speedboats. Because of this our dive trips start at a reasonable time as we have less traveling time to do than the larger dive boats in Pattaya.
Our dive trips start at the dive center at 9.15 am and we are back after our dive/snorkeling activities at about 2 t0 3 pm
We also leave from Jomtien beach which is 50 metres from the dive center, which makes life so much easier than having to navigate the busy Bali Hai tourist pier.



The HTMS Khram & HTMS Kood which rest at 30 metREs, the HTMS Mataphon at 22 metres, all these are ex-US Navy vessels. Samae san we have the most famous wreck in the Pattaya areas “WWII Hardeep” wreck, she was sunk by the R.A.F in 1945. On the shipwrecks, we have schooling barracuda, small sharks, morays and batfish.
The Pattaya Near islands are renowned for large Hawkbill turtles especially on the Islands of Koh Larn, Koh Sak and Koh Krok, you see them on every dive.


dive center near me www.real-divers.comReal Divers has met all of the requirements to be a PADI 5 Star InstruAbout Real Divers real-divers.comctor Development Center (IDC), which is recognition from PADI about the quality of service offered by Real Divers, as well as certification numbers. It also denotes that the training facility is suitable for training dive Instructors. We have some of the best PADI Course Directors and IDC Staff Instructors on the staff.


Real Divers’ facilities include a stocked retail dive equipment and rental equipment. Classroom equipped with a DVD player and multimedia system for conducting the academic sections of the different PADI diver courses.

Confined water training is done in the best diver training pool in Pattaya. When sea conditions are good we like to do the skills of the Open water course at a beach bay which has swimming pool-like conditions.


About Real Divers real-divers.comThe main dive center near me www.real-divers.cominstructors at Real Divers are British guys Neil and Peter Chandler. Neil and Peter emigrated from England to Thailand in 1996 to start a new lifestyle by qualifying as PADI scuba dive instructors with their Dad Dave as their Dive instructor. Their ambition was to start their own dive school. Before launching Real Divers in 2005 they decided to work as instructors in the dive industry in order to gain all-round experience and equally importantly. They learnt the business from the bottom up, including the dos and dont’s of running a dive shop.

Between them during this “apprenticeship” they logged over 10,000 dives locally. They have trained more than four thousand students at all levels from novices to professionals. This makes them two of the most knowledgeable and experienced instructors in Pattaya and Thailand.


Contact Details

EMAIL:realdiverspattayathailand@gmail.comScuba Diving Pattaya Thailand www.real-divers.com

PHONE: Dive Shop – 038-232-476

Neil – 087-602-1411                


Kat – 093-594-9191


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