Pattaya dive center trips with Real Divers

Booking and cancellation policys

Pattaya dive center scuba diving bookings. You may call directly between the hours of 8am to 7pm (Thai Time) and we will be happy to have a chat about your diving/snorkeling activities

Phone Shop 038-232-476 or 087-602-1411 and ask for Neil (English) and for Thai: Kat 094-459-4799

Pattaya dive center www.real-divers.comYou can also e-mail us and let us know what type of diving interests you? plus your diving certification level, last time you dived, if you own your dive equipment or need rental equipment etc and we will get back to you with the different types of trips we offer, we respond to emails within the hour unless we are outside of working hours, then we respond the next morning.

We are the main dive operator on Jomtien beach road, Soi Welcome and offer Hotel pick-ups/drop-offs in all the local Pattaya areas.

The Hotels in Pattaya and Jomtien use us on a regular basis as we offer great value and service for our speedboat trips. We offer snorkeling and scuba diving trips on our 12-metre speedboats to both the near and far islands of Pattaya and also we have trips to the Samae san islands.

How to Book scuba diving trips in Pattaya

Pattaya dive center www.real-divers.comWe usually do pickups from Pattaya hotels at 9am-ish or meet at the dive center 9,15am. From the dive center, we board our speedboat at Jomtien beach, a 50-metre walk from the dive center which makes it far easier than having to navigate the busy Bali Hai tourist pier especially in the high season (September to April).

Depending on which set of Pattaya islands we go to, it only takes 10 to 25 minutes and then you get about 1 hour dive time on the coral sites and 30 minutes max on the shipwrecks as they are deeper down, you’ll also have plenty of time to relax between dives.

The speedboat trip normally returns after the diving/snorkeling activities to Jomtien beach approximately 2 to 2.30pm every day.

So why not contact us today and spend a great day out at the islands on your holidays.



Pattaya Speedboat Dive Trips – 9.30am to 2.30pm

Samae San Dive trips – 8.30am to 4pm


Pattaya dive center trips with Real Divers

Pattaya dive center

How to Book scuba diving trips in Pattaya

Cancellation policy

Diving / Snorkeling

Diving/Snorkeling trips and certification courses may be canceled or rescheduled due to the weather conditions that are not suitable for marine sports activities, such as high waves and strong winds. Dive sites are picked daily based on weather and ocean conditions, your safety and the safety of our staff is paramount in our operation.  If your requested dive site is unavailable due to weather we will do our best to find a suitable alternative for you.
Seats on a tour are not guaranteed until a deposit is made.  Just sending an email or making a phone call does not confirm your seat(s), Deposits can be made via paypal or at the dive center.

Deposit for dive trip 1,000B per person per day

Deposit for dive course 3,000B per course.

Our diving instructors / dive masters / boat captain make the decisions about the selection of the dive sites and/or cancellation of the diving trips. In making decisions, we regard yours and our own safety as the most important. As dive sites are very variable due to weather we can not guarantee a particular site. A change in dive site does not qualify for a refund.

Boat Diving Trips Refund Policy

When the waves are or become bigger than 1 metre, we may cancel our boat trips or return to the nearest port. For instance, we may change the diving sites from far islands to the near islands or cancel the trip. If we cancel the trip you will get a full refund.

Certification Courses Refund Policy

Cancellation due to the weather condition or mechanical reasons that the boat does not leave port – full refund of all deposits/payments for diving course for that day.
Decisions on weather conditions and safety of the boat are at the sole discretion of the Captain/ Dive Instructors/Divemasters. Weather conditions that may cause cancellation – waves over 1 metre, typhoons, severe weather warning forecast and the day Red Flagged by the Royal Thai coastguard.

Your bookings are seen as a contract with us – when you schedule a dive/class we make sure that we have the Instructors available to teach your course and reserve seats on a boat that can not be sold to someone else, so if you cancel the course for any reason remember the Instructor has already been paid for the duration of the course.  As Instructors need to be paid and boat seats need to be paid for refunds can not be given for late cancellations. Look below in black bold writing for cancellation policy.

Sorry but change of mind, illness, a poor mood, cloudy or rainy weather, a hangover or jet lag are not acceptable reasons to rate a refund for a scheduled course or trip, we will try and reschedule the trip or training but if it can’t be rescheduled there is no refund for any of the above mentioned reasons.

If you become seasick during a trip and can not complete the number of dives booked this is not a reason for a refund – it is your responsibility to ensure that you have taken steps to avoid seasickness – there is medication available at Thai pharmacies to prevent seasickness.

Cancellation Refund Policy for Diving and Dive Classes:

Depending on when you make the cancellation, the following cancellation fee will apply for all courses and dive tours.  

  • 7 days or more advance notice:  Full Refund for all diving booked
  • 5 days  50% refund of all diving/course fees
  • 72 hours 15% refund for all diving/course fees
  • 48 hours or less before the scheduled dive course or tour 0% refund
Dropping Out-Cancellation of multiple dives / trips

If you already paid for multiple dives for a day (2 dives, 3 dives) and decided to do less dives (at the dive site), you do not get refund
– There is no refund for unused portions of a package or canceling part of a package once it has already started. (Dives/classes canceled due to the boat not going out, typhoons or mechanical failure are subject to refunds)

Certification Courses

We do not refund your course fee if you decided to drop out from your certification course after it has started.  Dropping the course before it starts is subject to the above listed refund policy.  When paying for a course you do not pay for certification, you pay for training – you must meet the requirements for your particular course to earn certification. It is possible to fail a course; failure does not qualify you for a refund.
Your instructor will determine if you can get certified or not, judging on how you are meeting the requirements for your particular course (skill demonstration, comfort level in the water, and total dive skills) and your score on written examination and quizzes.

If you do not follow your instructors’ directions, or if you cannot successfully demonstrate the skills that meet the requirement, you may not get certified.  

Rental/Loaned Gear Loss or damage

Rented/loaned gear for class and dives is the responsibility of the client – you will be charged for loss or damage of rental gear. Divers dunking a regulator with the dust cap off will be charged a 800B maintenance fee as the reg needs to be serviced before putting it back in use. Please be careful with the gear we loan out to you because if you lose or break a piece of equipment you may have to pay for it at trade price.
Torn mouthpieces or broken fin/mask straps are not subject to replacement fees as this is a part of normal wear and tear of the gear.  If you notice your mouthpiece or mask/fins straps are worn let us know so we change them right away so there is not a problem.  (We try to keep on top of this but during the busy season we sometimes miss something.)    

Pattaya dive center trips with Real Divers