Pattaya Snorkelling Trip

Pattaya coral islands, a great way to spend a day while on holiday.

On your holidays spend a day on a Pattaya snorkelling trip and explore the shallow coral reefs which have tropical fish/marine-life and corals to see.

There are no big sharks in Pattaya which for some people is a good thing, you actually have a lot more chance of seeing marine life such as turtles, butterflyfish and tropical coral fish while you are snorkelling at the Pattaya islands.

No more early mornings starts as these trips start at 9am pick up from your hotel and return at 3pm-ish.

We have a 12-metre twin-engine speedboat to take us to the near or far islands coral reefs so we don’t have the 2-hour boat travel such as the larger boats, which means more time in the water having fun.

A Divemaster will supervise your activities and issue you with mask, snorkel, fins and safety vest and brief you on the best places to go, what to see and what to watch out for.

Pattaya Snorkelling Trip

It takes us only 15 minutes to the near islands and 30 minutes to the far islands in our 12-metre twin-engine speedboat.

Pattaya snorkelling trips

Once at the island Pattaya snorkelling trips www.real-divers.comwe will give you a briefing on where to go, what to look for and safety tips.

Most of the islands have some really nice beaches where you can sit and relax between your snorkelling and catch up on your sun-tan or you can sit on the boat. We make sure we get the boat nice and close to the beach/snorkelling sites so there are no long surface swims like on the larger boats.

We have a good 2 hours snorkelling in the morning and in the afternoon we move the boat to a different coral site and the Divemaster will give you all the information you need to know on the new site.

If you would like to try scuba diving for the first time? you can also do this on this trip.

Try scuba diving in the morning and snorkelling in the afternoon, makes a great day out on the islands.

Pattaya Snorkelling Trip Prices

Pattaya snorkelling trips

We know that customers differ to what they need for a snorkel trip package so we have made two different price packages for your trips: “Basic package and All-inclusive” we can also still be flexible to adjust the price or package to suit your needs.

1) Basic package snorkel trip includes Boat trip, rental equipment (mask, snorkel, fins and a safety vest) and lunch/snacks/drinks.

2) All-Inclusive snorkel trip includes Boat trip, rental equipment (mask, snorkel, fins and a safety vest)  lunch/snacks/drinks, hotel pick up/drop off and a Real Divers tee-shirt.

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Pattaya Snorkelling Trips Schedule
  • 9am-ish – Hotel pick up
  • 9.30am – depart from Jomtien Beach.
  • 10am – snorkelling 
  • 12.15am –  snacks and drinks
  • 12.30am – snorkelling
  • 2pm – head back to Pattaya
  • 2.30pm – hot lunch at the dive centre
  • 3pm – taxi back to your hotel