Pattaya scuba diving Covid 19

Diving Safety Tips

Pattaya scuba diving Covid 19. The diving Pattaya diving industry is now open (5th June) so we have been making a few changes to our trips so we can fall in line with the new Covid 19 rules and law.

We have also set up safety precautions against Covid 19 such as temperature checks at the dive center, hand sanitiser for customer use and face masks must be worn inside the dive shop. We are limiting dive trips to 7 people per trip so we can do social distancing on the boat. Under water there is obviously no problem as you are breathing the cleanest air you can breathe.

Our rental dive equipment has always been washed/cleaned in disinfectant (dettol) and fresh water at the dive center but we are taking extra care procedures with mouth pieces and dive masks which will be washed in hot disinfectant water. We also have regulator mouth pieces for sale at 65B per mouth piece, which is the trade price we order them in at.

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One good thing we have noticed since all the hotels and tourist excursions to the islands have been closed is the sea looks very clear for this time of year. Last month there was even a whale shark spotted by fisherman at the Pattaya islands, which is obviously not the norm for Pattaya diving. The first few weeks will be very interesting to see what other new marine life has come to the Pattaya reefs and wrecks in this quiet period of time.

For our local and Bangkok divers our weekend trips are now leaving at 10am from Jomtien beach and we are usually back at 3pm-ish. This should give you plenty of time to travel to and fro from Bangkok, it will be good to see you all again.    

If you are looking to come out for a days fun diving or do a PADI course email me at and we can start diving tomorrow.



Pattaya scuba diving Covid 19

Sadly the laws of Covid 19 have stopped us running our usually dive trips from the past. We are no longer allowed to pick up/drop off Pattaya scuba diving Covid 19 www.real-divers.comcustomers from their hotels because of social distancing but we can arrange a private taxi for you to and fro from the dive center. Because of the taxi situation and social distancing we are only diving at the Pattaya islands as the Samae san islands there is a 50 minute taxi ride there and then back and that goes against the social distancing law that has been enforced.

We are also not allowed to serve lunch on the boat or in the dive shop. We will supply snacks and drinking water on the boat, you are welcome to bring your own snacks and other beverages, we do have ice buckets to keep them cold.

Sorry and i hope this doesn’t go on too long and we can all get back to normal soon but this will stay like this until we are told differently by the Thai Government and City Hall.

  • According to DAN, divers should sanitize equipment (following the manufacturer’s recommendations) in a 10% bleach solution. This is especially important for masks, snorkels, whistles, orally inflated SMBs, BCD oral inflators and certain sections of regulators.
  • Use defog solution instead of saliva on your mask prior to entering the water. This may reduce the risk of cross contamination and we will supply the defog solution.
  • For buddy checks and air sharing training exercises, do not use the same mouthpiece as your dive buddy unless it’s an emergency situation. Your PADI Instructor will have additional training accommodations during these times. We have also thought about and made a new covid 19 buddy check.
  • Disinfect all rental equipment before use, which will be done by our staff members at the dive center.
  • Carry disinfectant solution in your dive bag in case any other situations arise.We will have hand sanitizer in the dive center and on the boat.
  • We are trying to do our best to keep everyone safe and we are open to suggestions to make things better for everyone.

It will be great to see all our local divers and customers back for some diving on the wrecks and coral sites, see you all soon for some diving and cold beverages.

Stay safe

The Real Divers team

Pattaya scuba diving Covid 19